Senior High School 3 Padang was built on April 1st, 1977. After the government of Padang city bought the school area from the owner, the lied on the first stone school’s building afforded by the funds of National Pelita in 1976/1977. This school was built because of students’ need that always increase in looking for school gradually and as the branch school of Senior High School 2 Padang. The government provided the first fund to build this school was Rp 86.387.091. The legal power’s establishment defined with decision of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia on October 24th, 1977 No. 0489/O/1977.

At the beginning, this school had of 15 classes, library, headmaster’s room, vice headmaster room, 2 laboratories, a workshop room, a teacher’s room, a guidance and concelling room, administration office, a warehouse, toilet for teachers and toilet for students. The building is formated like “O” and was legitimated its function on December 13th, 1977.

Nowadays, Senior High School 3 Padang has 27 classes. Beside the headmaster room, there is the representative vice headmaster room, an administration head office and administration office, a physics laboratory, biology laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, and language laboratory. There are a dancing room, music room, workshop room, meeting room, computer room, multi media room. There is a mosque and also a mushola for performance of religious duties. There are 3 canteens, hall, OSIS room, healthy care unit room (clinic), dapodic room, the main warehouse and a transit waste warehouse, jurnalistic room, a guidance and concelling room, a room, a scout room, a sport room, a web room, a security room, a car, a gazebo and park are regularly used by students as a place to play and learn.

Senior High School 3 Padang has good progress immediately based on this new era. In 2007 Senior High School was announced as nominee school which has an international standard (R_SBI). In 2010, the government established Senior High School 3 Padang as one of school which has an international standard (R_SBI). In 2013 the government established this school as a piloting of Curriculum 2013 and become one school as a pioneer of “Anti Korupsi” which cooperates with KPK.

Based on data, there are many students who won the Science Olympiade, art and sport. Senior High School 3 Padang got appreciation of Adiwiyata’s School in Padang at 2012 and in 2013, it got the appreciation of adiwiyata’s school of province West Sumatra. In 2013, this school established as inclusion school by Education Authorities. In 2014, this school got the appreciation as National Adiwiyata’s School. (as Adiwiyata’s School Nationaly) that was signed by the Minister of National Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Nuh, DEA and State Minister for the Environment and Ministry of Forestry Republic of Indonesia Prof. Dr. Balthasar Kambuaya, MBA. In 2015, it got appreciation as “Adiwiyata Mandiri” from the State Minister for the Environment and Ministry of Forestry Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya, M.Sc. In 2014, this school was established by The Ministry of National Education as the main Claster School for the implementation of Curriculum 2013. In 2015, this school that located in Gajah Mada Street No. 11 Gunung Pangilun Padang – West Sumatra was choosen as a model school that fulfilment eight national standard of education.

The name of the head master that lead this school since the first time until now are: (1) Drs. Janan Syafei (January 1977 – March 1983), (2) Drs. Muhammad Nazir (March 1983 – March 1985). Before the third head master choosen as PJS Drs. Chaidir Anwar (March 1985 – 1986), (3) Syamsoedin Djamil (March 1986 – January 1990), (4) Drs. Lukman (January 1990 – July 1991), (5) Rusli Zen (July 1991 – June 1996), (6) Anizar Jambak (June 1996 – August 1997), (7) Drs. Bakri Medan (August 1997 – December 1998), (8) Drs. Ali Asmar (December 1998 – February 2000), (9) Drs. Safarni Budaya Putra (February 2000 – February 2005), (10) Drs. Basril (February 2005 – March 2010), (11) Dra. Monalisa (March 2010 – 2014), (12) Ir. Syahrul (2014 – January 2016), (13) Drs. Ramadansyah, M.Pd (January 2016 – Now). The pictures of head master in this following.


Since 1979 until now, Senior High School Padang has already delivered it’s graduate to some famous universities in Indonesia and also in other countries. The alumnus has borded in one association of IKASMANTRI and they have already succeed in some sectors. Not only succed in this city, province, national and international, the alumnus of Senior High School Padang also get the strategic position in some sectors and carrier based on their skills.

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